Virgo – Weekly Money & Work Horoscope

What should you be responsible for, Virgo? Think about the pros and cons that your professional arrangements may have on your career path when the sun in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces on Sunday, June 9. The cosmic friction will be immense, so you may feel initially unsure of who or what to focus on. You could even feel restrained to some extent. Instead of losing it, try to reframe your outlook by restructuring your responsibilities, partnerships, and more.

You have the power of communication to help you adjust accordingly, which may come out when Mercury in Gemini sextiles the North Node in Aries and trines the South Node in Libra on the same day. However, some of these conversations could lead to a more intense discussion since Mercury in Gemini will eventually square Saturn in Pisces over the next few days. But if you feel strongly about something, then do not back down. Stand your ground so that you can achieve whatever you want to negotiate.

By Friday, June 14, you may have an enhanced perspective when Mercury in Gemini conjuncts the sun in Gemini. The cosmic energy will help you see your career path, accomplishments, and ambitions clearly.

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