Leo – Weekly Money & Work Horoscope

What do you need to do to feel like you are in control, Virgo? Thinking or talking about professional and financial entanglements might be overwhelming when Mercury in Aries conjuncts Chiron in Aries on Sunday, March 26. You may feel a little unsure about how you want to go from here, especially if you have financial issues to correct or boundaries to set. Although it might be stressful, working through these issues during the conjunction could be healing.

A few days later, you may feel more inclined to review the work connections and professional aspirations you feel intuitively aligned with during the first quarter moon in Cancer. This sensitive lunation might be just what you need to find your emotional grounding. You could even feel more optimistic about how your investments, assets, and bonds will transpire as Mercury in Aries conjuncts Jupiter in Aries.

By the end of the week, expect to feel emotionally motivated to commit to new professional opportunities that will surely advance your aspirations, social media presence, and notoriety in your professional community when Mars in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces. Ask yourself who and what you feel called to look into. Listen to your intuition!

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