Gemini – Weekly Money & Work Horoscope

Focus on what you value to make the most of your workweek, Gemini. Hurt feelings surrounding networking and dreams may come to mind when Mercury in Aries conjuncts Chiron in Aries on Sunday, March 26. You might be worried about getting rejected if you reach out to your greater professional community or could be stressed about how to bring your professional aspirations to life. Although daunting, consider this the perfect time to overcome your fears by taking a leap of faith.

A few days later, you may feel emotionally invested in your financial matters during the first quarter moon in Cancer. Use the first quarter moon as intuitive inspiration to pursue opportunities that are professionally and financially stable! You may even feel more optimistic about reaching out to your connections or talking about your professional aspirations since Mercury in Aries will conjunct Jupiter in Aries on Tuesday, March 28. Lean into your optimism to feel more confident about making your networking and professional goals happen!

By the end of the week, you may feel more emotionally invested in following your professional values to create an altruistic and fulfilling career path as Mars in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces.

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