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Virgo – Weekly Love Horoscope

This week will give you opportunities to connect more with your inner passions and desires. What makes you tick, and how can you infuse more of that into your life? This retrograde has unearthed some things for you. Make time this week to reflect on your lessons thus far. Any ideas you have on May twenty-ninth will prove helpful in the coming months, but take another week to digest and create a fluid verbal way of expressing them.

At work, you may have become someone’s mentor. This is beneficial for you as well. Teaching could be a good role for you. So, think about who in your life could use some helpful Virgo insight. Businesswise, you might feel like you are in limbo, but things will start to flow better for you after June 3. Use the energy of the new moon this week to find more balance in the communication channels of your life. Maybe take a day away from social media if you can.

Be prepared for a little tension in your romantic life on May 29. Any frustrations that arise will cool down mid-week. You might have discussions on June 3 about moving in with your SO, or you could also be thinking about joining income and investing with your partner. If single, make sure to have some fun this week and let your guard down.

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