Capricorn – Pluto Retrograde Horoscope

You’ve been undergoing a big transformation at the hands of Pluto for the past 15 years, Capricorn, and you’re ready to step into your power. But before you can do so, Pluto’s moves through your second house of personal value and resources and first house of identity will ensure you’re not just grabbing at power for power’s sake, according to Marquardt.

This retrograde will encourage you to reflect on what you’ve learned about your self-worth since Pluto moved into your sign in 2008, and whether you’re leading your life with integrity. “Do you feel like your work in the world really matters? And are you being a good steward of the money you’re earning?” Murphy suggests asking yourself. If the answer to either question is “no,” you could be pushed to make a shift.

“If you’re pursuing something for status, reputation, or to flex authority over others, Pluto will push that dream further and further away,” says Marquardt. “You can’t grasp at the fruits of life for the wrong reasons, because life will bite back.”

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