Scorpio – Pluto Retrograde Horoscope

Home might not exactly be where your heart is right now, Scorpio. This Pluto retrograde is moving right over your fourth house of home and family and third house of communication, which could leave you feeling “unrooted and restless,” says Marquardt. Perhaps you’ve just moved or are planning a big move, you’re selling a childhood home, or you’re doing a big renovation to your home; or maybe there are bigger shifts going on in your family dynamics.

Though all of these changes could feel overwhelming, the important lesson of this retrograde is that home is a mindset, says Marquardt, and constructing that mindset can help you feel safe. That might look like engaging more positively with your local community or your chosen family, he says. And it also might look like acknowledging or accepting the reality of your biological family, whatever that might be.

“This upcoming transit is going to push you to find a sense of security and belonging that comes from within,” says Murphy. “Our families aren’t perfect, our childhoods aren’t perfect—but how can you make peace with that, so you can step into more progress?”

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