Pluto Retrograde Horoscopes – May 1, 2023

Pluto Retrograde Horoscopes – May 1, 2023

Small-but-mighty Pluto has been getting its shine astrologically as of late, largely because it just did something it only does every 12 to 30 years: It changed signs, shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius on March 23. The rarity of these transitions is why each one is thought to signal major societal change; when Pluto last moved into structure-oriented Capricorn, for example, we saw the 2008 housing crisis. Now, the transformational planet is about to retrograde for the first time since entering Aquarius, moving back through the sign from May 1 to June 11 and then dipping back into the final degrees of Capricorn until October 10. These moves will likely push us to reflect on what traditions and structures we need to release, reform, or reconsider.

In a few different ways, this Pluto retrograde reflects a moment of pause and reflection before one cycle ends and another begins. It’ll mark one of the last times we’ll see Pluto move through Capricorn before it starts its uninterrupted 20-year jaunt in Aquarius in 2024. It’s also one of the final Capricorn transits since the Great Transformation of 2020, when Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all converged in the government- and systems-focused sign—and we all know what happened then.

Pluto Retrograde Horoscopes


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