Taurus – Pluto Retrograde Horoscope

A major shift in your outlook and ambitions could be underway, Taurus. As you emerge from a particularly transformative couple of years, this Pluto retrograde could be the thing to crystallize your new direction forward in 2023, as it touches on your 10th house of career and ninth house of discovery, learning, and adventure.

“It’s likely that Pluto will lead you to realize where you’ve limited your own beliefs or how the conditioning you’ve received has caused you to have a narrow point of view,” says Marquardt. In turn, embracing travel or diving into a new course of study during this time could “blow your mind wide open,” he says.

As a result, you may find yourself “surrendering to a big life change or upheaval, or embracing a complete shift in industry,” says Murphy. (Yes, even fixed signs like yours have to face change sometimes.) “Either way, you’re being pushed to go within, learn things about yourself, and then move forward from a place of more coherence and clarity.”

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