Cancer – Pluto Retrograde Horoscope

It may be time to disentangle yourself from old relationship patterns, Cancer. Pluto’s moves are shaking up your eighth house of intimacy and debts and your seventh house of partnerships, turning your attention toward the negative cycles you might be perpetuating, according to Marquardt. Are you undervaluing a partner? Or perhaps sacrificing yourself in the name of love? “If you can get brutally honest about the give-and-take—or lack thereof—in your close relationships, you’ll be able to ensure any emotional debts are paid off,” he says.

Because this period of time could push you into the “emotional deep end,” it may be wise to “dedicate yourself to working with a therapist or healer who can help you figure out why you may be stuck in an unhelpful pattern,” says Murphy, “and determine how to carve a new path forward.”

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